President’s message

We hope that we win the customer’s esteem with a high reputation for the technological excellence.

Our mission is that it produces good products by traditional technique, and develop people who try to see what is possible.

Our dream is to affect the entire society by making things.

So the aim is to develop and to supply our particular technique which transmits new values to the society.

It has passed 50 years since the foundation.  We meet multiple needs of customers as the team of professionals which makes things by the accumulated knowledge and experiences.

<Integration between the inherited technique and IT>

Craftspeople are in charge of making things in our corporation.

It permits the only technique with high quality and high precision by combining the technique and IT.

We are endeavoring to develop human resources and technical tradition a day-to –day basis.

We consider quality guarantee and environmental preservation as the essential requirements for the contribution to society.

There is nothing wrong that the quality control is the social responsibility for us considering all the circumstances which is used our products on various equipment.

It is certified according to ISO-9001, so we have full confidence in our ability to guarantee the quality.

We advance toward an even greater goal to say “There is only product which our company can produce.”