5 S

“5S activity” means
”SEIKETSU(Standardizing)”, and
”SHITSUKE(Sustaining the Disci
It changes the worker’s consci
It contributes not only to the
by avoiding the danger, improv
We think that not a few compan
We believe that the ideal offi
good impression to visitors.
We make a strong effort to 5S
It gives us the change of mind
It is often the case that it i
but it becomes to create a vib
We have to follow the 5S activ
“SEIRI (get rid of the unwante
”SEITON (Decide the product’s
”SEISOU (Clean up)”
”SEIKETSU (Continue a sorting,
”SHITSUKE (Follow the rule).”
We have a hard time continuing
It is indispensable to know th
these things and to make them
It spreads the disorder in the
no-reporting, disorganized too
It keeps making mistakes and g
 To make matters worse, it lea
Practice of 5S activities take
Those who cannot obey the rule
and is indifferent to the dang
We believe that we have to thi
and it is very important to re
It improve quality and product
knowledge of 5S’s impact.
It is the starting line for th
We address the day-to-day chal
in-house training program and