Material Department

Electronic component which req
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the thick materials such as im
We also have the affiliated co
our products more efficient.
We continue to meet the needs

Sandwiched Tomson between stainless plate

It is well suited for the degr
accuracy and the blade durabil
steel on the two sides of base

Tomson with stainless plate on one side

It is possible to maintain the
It is possible to meet the hig
to the weight saving.

SPB Tomson

SPB is an acronym for Shrink,
It does not have much influenc
functional film.

Resin   Tomson

It is compatible
with adhesive agent besides th
want to prevent blades from co

BAJO   Tomson

It is a low-cost Tomson design
You can control costs.  It is



Blade for the high functional
Blade which pursue the improve


The OCA (Optical Clear Adhesiv
Blade which prevents the spatt


OCA (Optical Clear Adhesive)-r

Blade which
prevents the spatter or protru
tablet, etc.