Department and Working process

Acceptance of order

We receive orders from custome
We confirm the order via telep
a client meetings.


We elaborate CAD data based on
We convert the product drawing
We proceed according to the CA
We undertake the work very car
the drawing at a late stage of

Those who send us data
We accept the data via email,
We accept a CAD data such as D
We accept AIdata such as Ilust
We take the size of cutting ma

Lazer cutting

We select the most appropriate

It looks easy, but we worry ab
 We have to select the base pl
We have to set the base plate
and have to take care so that

Production of bending blade

We manufacture blades based on
We bend blades based on the dr
We don’t have to wait the draw
time effectively and efficient
This enables us to provide qui
but now it becomes available t

Technique of the inserting blad

We knock in the processed blad
It is very important process b
dimension or get scratches dep

We knock in bended blades on b
Craftspeople bend some parts o
craftsmen with excellent techn


Inspect completed products
We check them if they were mad
We are measuring the dimension
We have three machine includin
We judge completed products wh
the drawing by checking the di

Cushion rubber

We put the most appropriate cu
We put the cushion rubber on t
It is not as simple as it seem
materials incompletely or chan
We have both the experiences a

Shipment and Delivery

We send the made-to-order prod
We package the product which y